Dive, eat, sleep: that's what you will do at FROGGIES Bunaken

Want to spend 4 1/2 hours a day in the Bunaken water, watching the scenery and the ever moving "fish-film"? Easy, do two 1 hour 30' dives during the day and an unforgettable nightdive, you will not regret a single minute.
Did I hear you say "It's impossible"? Try it, sit in the gentle current, do not move your arms or your fins, just follow your slow-going diveguide.
Bunaken diving at Froggies is lazy, taste the real sense of the saying:  "AWAY FROM IT ALL"

   Stay with us, dive with us

  • Long, slow and relaxed dives. No need to go very deep, most of the beauties are well above the 30m
  • The groups are small, no more than 4 guests per guide
  • Your dive time is limited by your air consumption
  • We take good care not only of our divers but also of preserving marine life. Advanced e-mail reservation is recommended.

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